// What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a webpage or website within a search engines ‘organic’ or un-paid search results. These are the results that appear just below the paid ads when you enter a phrase into any search engine. The higher you appear in search engine results, the more visitors and possible customers your website will attract.

To implement SEO effectively means knowing how search engines work, how they rank one website over another and how to increase the chances of featuring not just on page one, but near the top of page one. This is where most websites will get seen, and therefore will have the highest visitor numbers.

// Why Invest in SEO?

If your company website is struggling to be found online, or you find yourselves appearing low down on the search engine results, SEO can really help to give the boost your website needs.
Alternatively, if you want to start targeting a new product or set of keywords, we can do everything needed to give your website a fighting chance at those top spots.

SEO is also great for new websites, setting it in good stead to perform at its best from the offset.

SEO will increase the number of visitors to your site, increasing the chances of more enquiries and/or purchases.
This is never more important than when dealing with sales, bookings or transactions online, or when investing in a digital marketing campaign. If you are paying for SEO and you do not have a responsive website then you are effectively wasting all of the campaign budget for any mobile visitors because it would be unlikely that your website would display to these users after entering a search term into their browser.


We can do everything needed to give your website a fighting chance at those top spots.


// How We Do SEO?

We use a mixture of onsite and offsite SEO, and keep tabs on Googles algorithm updates so we can ensure we’re using the best tactics.

Unfortunately, simply submitting your site to these search engines doesn’t usually work, as there are possibly hundreds, if not thousands of other businesses who also want to be at the top.

Getting to the top of the rankings is about making your site stand out. We do this by providing information that the user actually wants to see, and preparing your website in such a way that the search engines can see that your site is the most relevant for the user’s search term.

These and many other factors encompass SEO is, and help to give your site a fighting chance of making it to the top.

// Local SEO

SEO can generally be split into two categories: local and national.

A campaign involving local SEO captures local search terms, such as ‘SEO in Middlesbrough’, or ‘plumbers in Newcastle’. It generally covers any instance where a user would put a location within the search term, or are looking for a service within a particular area.

This type of campaign is perfect for businesses that only operate in a specific area, or where they may also want to target surrounding areas.

National SEO is when the campaign is designed to capture search terms that are not specifically tied to a place. Examples of this may be ‘car insurance’, ‘cheap holidays’ etc.

National SEO is generally more challenging to gain results in than local search terms, due to obvious reasons such as being a lot more competitive. National SEO, as a rule, is perfect for eCommerce websites, and businesses that do not need to be set within a geographical area. Examples may be online services, sellers of non-tangible goods, and informational websites.

We offer both local and national SEO to local businesses and those further afield with national reach.

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