PPC: What is a Conversion?

PPC: What is a Conversion?

Now that we have explained how to ensure that your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are set up for success and provided essential landing page tips, this week, the bSoftware blog will be taking a closer look at conversions.

To put it simply, a conversion is an action that you want a user to complete once they have landed on your website by clicking on one of your PPC adverts. 

Typically, the most common type of conversions would be a user completing a purchase or filling out a form to find out more information about your product/service, but a conversion can also be something as simple as a page view or completing a specific file download.

What type of conversion you want a user to complete is dependent on what functionality is present on your website and what industry your business is in. We have listed a number of different conversion types below.


E-commerce sites are usually the most straightforward when it comes to conversions, as the aim of the website itself is to convert searchers into buyers. As such, when a user completes a purchase having landed on the e-commerce website through a PPC ad, this can be considered as a conversion.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a useful process for many businesses as it allows them to build up a list of potential clients and the means to connect with them. This type of conversion is typically achieved with the potential customer filling out a quick form, signing up for a newsletter or by placing a phone call.


It is often difficult to truly identify measurable goals in a branding campaign, but this means that you can use a bit of creativity when establishing what a conversion is in this context. The most typical examples would be navigating to a certain page on the website, watching an embedded video or downloading a particular asset/ file.


Social campaigns aim to drive users to interact with your company’s social media accounts. So an example of a social conversion would be a user following one of your accounts, such as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or one of the many other popular social media websites.

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